Lean Enterprise Workshop 

A multi-session seminar focusing on Lean implementation from culture to execution

As more organizations go lean, the demand for skilled workers and a system-wide approach for developing and implementing lean project plans is escalating. This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to map the path to lean culture at your organization.

This workshop will give you the tools to

  • Complete a self-assessment to determine your organization's readiness to implement lean
  • Gain practical experience analyzing how to incorporate lean into organizations
  • Develop a project plan for implementing lean into your organization
  • Understanding of Lean culture and how culture can make or break your initiative

The APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop Series is organized so you can approach and understand the lean transformation process systematically. Using scenarios from a fictitious company, Murphy's Toys, you will be tasked with finding lean solutions to numerous challenges. This method will provide you with the flexibility to immediately customize what you've learned and implement it at your own organization.

For full information including Registration for this 8-session course in Valencia in association with College of the Canyons  beginning Wednesday, May 10-June 28, 2017, click here.  There are two ways to watch a pre-recorded webinar (19 minutes) about this course. Note that the class date and Venue may have changed since the video was recorded. 

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  • If you do NOT have Webex on your computer, click Download ARF Player to load the player, then click here to watch the video.

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