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Certification In Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)

These popular courses provide an extensive coverage of the ASCM Operations Management body of knowledge addressing the variety of principles and practices used in industry today.

All offerings are presented for a twofold benefit - to enhance your professional career goals and assist you in passing the National CPIM Certification Exam modules.

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Purchase the new CPIM Part 1 and Part 2 Exams here. Bundles of the Learning System plus exams are also available, at a discount from ASCM SFV.

Principles of Materials and Operations Management

These courses provide a hands-on vocational training in operations management.

This program is designed to provide those new to the field the fundamental tools and knowledge necessary to become successful.

Classes are currently offered at College of the Canyons in Valencia or Glendale Community College in Montrose through the state funded ETP Program.

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Read more about the differences between CPIM and Fundamentals classes.

Lean Operations

We offer hands-on workshops and 1-day seminars.

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Earn More with APICS Certification

APICS certification programs open the door to job opportunities and your career advancement. According to a recent ASCM Salary Survey, respondents with CPIM or CIRM credentials earned 15 percent to 23 percent more than noncertified professionals.

In addition, more Internet-savvy manufacturing companies are demanding APICS certification on applicant resumes. On, more than 61 percent of manufacturing jobs request APICS certification!

Individual Classes & Seminars

Individuals are invited to sign up and attend any of our publically offered classes and seminars. If you are interested in attending and would like to know when any of these programs will next be offered, please fill out the Educational Information Request Form below and click on the Submit button.

In House Education

ASCM On-line Education


ASCM is pleased to announce the latest development in training and education-Webinars. Each Webinar lasts approximately 60 minutes and features educational discussions, case studies, and a Q&A period. Participate in the Webinar through an Internet and toll-free telephone connection-which can accommodate as many listeners as you can fit in your office or conference room. Plus, you receive a CD-ROM of the presentation after the event.


Don't forget, every hour of class time equals one point toward your certification maintenance.

Certified in Production and Inventory Management Continuous career growth requires a commitment to professional education. Today's business world values individuals with both in-depth, functional skills and broad-based business knowledge. ASCM meets both of these needs with two comprehensive certification programs.
Certified in Integrated Resource Management More than 100,000 professionals in more than 30 countries have earned one or both APICS certifications.

Classes & Seminars

Part 1   Basics of Supply Chain Management 36-40
Part 2   MPR, DSP, ECO and SMR 52-60
PRINCIPLES of Inventory and Distribution 36-40
PRINCIPLES of Planning 36-40
PRINCIPLES of Purchasing 36-40
PRINCIPLES of Operation Management 36-40
PRINCIPLES of Distribution and Logistics 36-40
Planning System Improvements 4
How to Achieve Inventory Accuracy 8
Activity Based Costing 8
Advanced Planning System 4
Bar Coding 4
Back to Basics Production Planning & Scheduling and Inventory Mgmt and Stockroom Control 6
Parts, BOM's and ECO's and Material Requirements Planning 6
Production Activity Control & Capacity Planning and JIT and Continuous Improvement 6
Bills of Material 8
Cellular Manufacturing 4
CPIM Test Review 8
Customer Service 8
Cycle Counting (Eng) 4
Cycle Counting (Sp) 4
Don't Ooops on ERP
Inventory Accuracy in 60 Days
ISO 9000 Basics 8
JIT CPIM Review 8
Lean Manufacturing 8
Life & Career Planning 8
MasterPlanning CPIM Review 8
Metrics-Process Improvement Measures 4
MRP for Buyer/Planners 8
Physical Inventory 4
Process Improve Implement 8
Process Improve Skills - 2 days 8
Secrets of Process Improvement 4
Shop Floor Control 4
SPC Basics (Eng. & Sp) 4
Train the Trainer 16
TOC & Finite Cap Sched 8
Vital Signs - Using the Right Metrics Work Center Mgmt 4
Forecasting 8
Business Simulation Modeling 8
Business Statistics 8